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Welcome to the HPHavenRPG Wiki!

This is a wiki based site allowing members of HPHavenRPG to gather information about the world created through our role-playing. It is not to be a collection of general Harry Potter information, although such information will no doubt sometimes be included.

Also, this wiki is not to be used for role-playing, but rather to gather information about the role-playing world and characters or groups formed within that world for quick and complete reference.

Useful information

Visit this page for links to useful information, such as moderator details, character profiles and other important areas of the site.

Editing the wiki

To prevent spammers the wiki is password protected. In honour of Dumbledore, the wiki edit password is sherbetlemon

For assistance in editing pages, please see the BasicWikiMarkup page.

Before Contributing

The mark-up language used in this wiki is different to the BBCode found in the role-playing forums. Before editing the wiki please refer to the Editing HPHavenRPG Wiki page.

Initial content

The wiki already contains some pages that have been created as place holders. The Hogwarts page contains links to most of these pre-created pages.

If you come across a page that has been started, but not yet edited, click the 'Discuss' link in the top right hand corner to start discussing the page with other users. There may even be a link on the discussion page directing you to a thread in the forums which has information that needs to be transferred to the Wiki.

A master list of potential content for the wiki can be found at the link below:


If you see a page has been vandalised, please view the page History and restore to the latest appropriate version. Alternatively, please notify Admin.

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Page last modified on December 17, 2010, at 08:38 PM